Could You Be Focusing On The Wrong Cause Of Your Foot Blisters?

Could this be the reason:

  • You’ve only ever had patchy success in the past (or perhaps no success at all)

  • You don’t know how to tell good advice from bad

  • So you keep choosing the wrong strategies for your blisters

  • And wasting money on products that were never going to work

  • (But you keep buying new shoes, only to keep getting blisters)

This was certainly my experience up until about 10 years ago.

My heel blisters and edge blisters continued in spite of my best efforts. Pretty annoying when you think how it’s my job to fix foot problems. And I couldn’t fix my own!

A year later, after reading the work of legends in the field like PF Naylor and JM Carlson, I realised just where I was going wrong.

Nowadays, I can do as much walking, running and playing as I like and be certain I won’t get blisters. Because now, I’m addressing the REAL cause of blisters, not the OVER-SIMPLIFIED version.

Are you honing in on the real cause of blisters? Or the over-simplified one?

Could this be why your blister prevention efforts are falling short?

If you're interested to find out more, I explain further in this video. 

Podiatrist, blister prone ex-hockey player, foot blister thought-leader, author and educator. Can’t cook. Loves test cricket.