Is There Such A Thing As Being Blister Prone?

Is There Such A Thing As Being Blister Prone?

Let's See What The Blister Research Shows

The American and British military have performed quite a bit of blister research in years gone by. It's easy to see why: standard issue boots, extended periods on the feet and potentially in the same socks, not always having medical help in easy reach, hot and humid climates, etc. These factors make foot blisters a big deal for the military. Prominent blister researchers such as Knapik, Sulzberger, Akers and Comaish were all military-commissioned. And it was very early on that the concept of blister proneness was demonstrated.

Foot blisters in the military are a big deal

Foot blisters in the military are a big deal

Blister Study 1: 1955

An early experimental blister study on 19 volunteer British medical students and doctors, showed blistering occurred between 27 and 138 rubs. The middle of the shin was used in this experiment.

Blister Study 2: 1966

Another experimental blister study 11 years later was conducted on 54 American army personnel. Some soldiers blistered in 3 minutes and others still hadn't blistered even after 50 minutes. The exact same frictional force was used on all subjects! It was applied to the palm of the hand - palmar (hand) skin and plantar (foot) skin are considered very similar.

blister Study 3: 2013

This next one is a lot more recent (non-military). It was performed at the University of Salford in England on 30 volunteers. The frictional force was applied to the back of the heel. It found that blister onset ranged from between 4 and 32 minutes. Quite a difference again!

Let's See Those “Time-To-Blister” Results Again

  • Between 27 and 138 rubs

  • Between 3 and 50 minutes

  • Between 4 and 32 minutes

Within each study, there are different individual responses to the same blister-causing shear force. It's the perfect demonstration of the large individual variation of susceptibility to blisters.

The Real-Life Cost Of Being Blister Prone? 

Blister prone testimonial

Does this sound familiar to you?

It does to me. My feet blister very easily!

Being blister prone can shape your lifestyle! It can force you to give up sports you're good at and activities you enjoy. Just read the note below from one of our customers. And I know of a basketballer and a triathlete who both gave away their sport prematurely, with persistant foot blisters figuring in their decision. Plus an underground miner who found it necessary to change his occupation because of ongoing foot blisters.

If you're blister prone and you can't find a way to get your blister problem under control, there comes a time when you're just not prepared to put up with the pain any longer. And it's not just the pain, it's everything else that goes with it - it's time consuming, messy and an all-round inconvenience!

All Because Of Foot Blisters - Which Are 100% Preventable

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