Running With Blisters at Kinetic Revolution

Running With Blisters at Kinetic Revolution

Running with blisters is a discomfort, at best.

They take the fun out of your run. And they can reduce performance as they take a physical and mental toll.

At worst, blisters can cause serious ill-health if not dealt with properly. 

But who has time to stop and deal with foot blisters mid-run. And who carries this stuff with them?

Blister prone runners know just how important blister prevention is and consider it an essential part of their preparation. The challenge for you as a runner with foot blisters is threefold:

  1. To look past preconceived ideas of the causes of blisters to fully understand why blisters form

  2. To take a more structured approach to blister prevention rather than the hit and miss approach of yesterday

  3. To find a blister prevention strategy (or combination of strategies) that works for you

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