Does Faster Rubbing (& More Heat) Cause More Blisters?

by Rebecca Rushton

60 Second Blister Tip #2

Brought to you by - Fix My Foot Blisters Fast!

Does heat and rubbing cause blisters on feet? Brought to you by Fix My Foot Blisters Fast!

Hey it's Rebecca here with this week's 60 second blister tip…

Today I want to show you a piece of blister research that was done all the way back in 1955 by a guy called Naylor. It was one of the first pieces of blister research done.

He was testing the hypothesis that increased rubbing speed caused more blisters. So he increased the rubbing speed by 50% (he was causing experimental blisters on a group of military recruits) and he found that there was *no* increase in blister formation.

What's more, he also caused the blisters with two types of material. And one was a low thermal conductivity, and one had a high thermal conductivity. And again, there was *no* change in blister rates.

So even right from the start, back in 1955, there was doubt over whether blisters were caused by an increase in heat, or caused by an increase in friction.


This week's 60-second blister tip is brought to you by Fix My Foot Blisters Fast


Naylor P: Experimental friction blisters. British Journal of Dermatology 1995;67:327–342.

Rebecca Rushton
Rebecca Rushton


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