What's The Most Common Blister Location?

by Rebecca Rushton

Below are the results of four-month blister questionnaire to find out the most common blister location on the foot.

The questionnaire ran for 4 months on this website. It invited visitors to tell me where they get foot blisters.

Where do you get blisters?

What's The Most Common Blister Location?

Most common blister...

There were a total of 1,136 responses with 940 indicating their single worst blister location. The breakdown was as follows:

  • Toe blisters - 336 (36%)
  • Forefoot blisters - 265 (28%)
  • Heel blisters - 253 (27%)
  • Arch blisters - 86 (9%)


    Where are your blisters?

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    Rebecca Rushton


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