The Golden Rule Of Race Day: Don't Change

by Rebecca Rushton

Your blister prevention intentions may be well-meaning, but don't start changing things on race day. 
  • Don't save your new shoes for race day. 
  • Don't pull a new pair of socks from their packet.
  • Don't start using a new kind of tape, or taping technique, or lubricant or try double-socks for the first time during your race.
The golden rule of race day

The golden rule of race day - don't do anything new

Don't change a thing for race day

If you do, you're setting yourself up for trouble

  • Don't save your new shoes for race day. Even if they're the same brand and model of shoe you've been wearing in training - don't pull a new pair out of the box on race day. Or even the day before race day. And maybe not even a week before race day (you don't get the chance to really test them on your taper). They'll be a bit stiffer than the ones you've been training in. The insole might be more flimsy than your last pair or creased at the edge and you don't notice it until you have an edge blister at the ball of your foot. Or maybe you won't have the right tension in your laces and by the time you figure it out, you've got a heel blister to deal with. Or they might be slightly different in some other way you can't even see.
  • Don't grab that new pair of socks you bought last week. Even if you know they should be better because they're more moisture-wicking than the brand you normally wear. Leave them at home. There might be something about them that doesn't suit your skin. Or they might take up a bit more room in your shoe and squash your toes together ever-so-slightly too much.

    You get the idea. All of this is bad for your feet because you're introducing a variable; even when you think you're not; and even when you think it's for the better. The outcome of these variables is unpredictable. 

    Are you happy leaving this to chance - after all the training you've done and money you've spent to get here?

    Rebecca Rushton
    Rebecca Rushton


    Podiatrist, blister prone ex-hockey player, foot blister thought-leaderauthor and educator. Can’t cook. Loves test cricket.

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