Who Visits This Blister Prevention Website?

by Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)

Curious about who's looking at the blister prevention website? So was I. So 6 months ago I posted a 2-part questionnaire on my website. Visitors were free to submit their responses (or ignore it entirely). 

Who's Looking For Blister Information?

who visits the blister prevention website?

280 blister questionnaires completed in 6 months

These are my takeaways from the stats above:

  • Runners and hikers make up over 50% of the audience
  • Not as many podiatrists as I'd expected (hoped)
  • A large proportion of visitors don't fall into any of the labelled categories ("Other")

    Some comments from the large "other" category

    Lots of people (22.5%) are getting blisters from a range of activities / situations and looking online for help!

    • Walker
    • Dancer
    • Xc skiier
    • Student
    • Barefooter
    • I am a baker
    • Army recruit
    • I wear high heels
    • Medical pedicure
    • I'm a skateboarder
    • Horses. Boots=tight
    • Obese diabetic with a recurring blister of great toe.
    • Cyclist, blisters on hands after long rides sometimes.
    • I work on a treadmill desk and walk up to 15 miles a day.
    • Martial arts... bare feet on sticky mats with pivot kicks... yikes!!!
    • I walk several miles a week. I also hike in the mountains of the western USA.
    • Vigorous dancing/sliding on wood floor. Age 51. On toe because of gripping. lol.
    • I play netball, go out dancing (like wearing high heels) and Do mixed martial arts.
    • I two step at country bars and often get blisters on my feet. Having bunions doesn't help.
    • I got my blisters dancing zumba.. Could my blisters be caused by shoes that are too tight?
    • I am a cleaning contracter and on my feet all day and suffer with pinch blister to only one toe.
    • I work as a catering supervisor and my provided safety shoes have given me blisters under my toenails. I had no clue there was a thing there until today. Also I suffer from really sore feet and would like to know uk equivalent to engo please.
    • A senior golfer, former health professional [edited to protect anonymity] and will now start calf stretches as all my shoes are now causing blisters where they previously did not. A very helpful website, thanks.
    • I'm not a runner or a sportsplayer in general but I still get blisters very easily. Often just from walking 700 m to the bus stop, and that's in shoes I've owned for years. I seldom get blisters from playing squash or tennis but going for walks or city sightseeing on holidays. So I'm not visiting this site as a court sport player but just as a 'normal' walker.
    • I have bunions, want to avoid surgery, recently got an interdigital blister between 2nd and 3rd toes, mostly because my toes are pressed together away from my big toe and partly because I'm on my feet more because of a new job. I had the toes separated 15 years ago because of a fungal infection that was painful and wouldn't heal. I'm seeing a podiatrist next week, but in the mean time tried a gel corn plaster that has helped considerably. Your article was helpful, thank you.


      And a few slightly more obtuse comments:

      • Person sitting on the beach.
      • What about the blood blisters that pop up on your chest or arms.
      • I have a blood blister on my back. I can't pop it right. Since its a delicate area and would hurt.
      • I have a blister on the side of my foot I hit it on the fire place about 2 weeks ago it hurts I been trying to get the dryed up blood out I took a pic and sent it to my aunt she told me to go to the doctor what should I expect at the visit?
      • Is it normal to get blood blisters on the top of your foot, but not on your toes. I have a double fracture on my ankle ( from slipping on ice last Monday) and my foot had to be put in a cast which cause me to develop the blister.
      • This is weird but going to ask anyway. About a year ago I had a small blood blister come up on my bottom. I can't find or think of anything that has caused me friction or trauma in that area. I did lance it once but it came back within a day. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it? It is not painful, I just don't like it.
      • I had small table (but heavy) fall on my leg. I am on warfin by the way, and last test was 8 so took me off for a while. My leg, of course, turned blue, from the front to inside leg, covered large area. We (my husband & I) left it be next day l was in real pain. Blood blister was popped up, above ankle and coveres beside in about 3 to 4 inches in circumfrence to two Inches high. Am in some kind of pain. We put campho p on gause and wrapped. Injury occurred about 6 days ago. l have not seeked Dr. Help, l have had 2 falls and hardware all in right leg, in wheelchair. But have home health, told to leave alone and protect it. But other than pain pills, anything we can do or put on it to ease the pain. It is hurting like hair pulling hurt. I have put gel pack (cold, of course) on it.


        Note: 3 comments were not included because of either foul language or difficulty maintaining anonymity.

        Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit this questionnaire - your feedback is very helpful and always appreciated!

        Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)
        Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)


        Podiatrist, blister prone ex-hockey player, foot blister thought-leaderauthor and educator. Can’t cook. Loves test cricket.

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