Your Worst Blister Experience [Warning: Graphic] Facebook

by Rebecca Rushton

Some people think foot blisters are no big deal.

So I ran a little competition to find some bad blisters, like the worst blisters! And the experiences behind them.

You won't believe the photos people were able to dig up.

Combined with the stories, this makes for sobering reading! 

Enter at your own risk ... don't say I didn't warn you!


Worst blister winners of the ULTRA Blister Kit

Pete Dwyer’s 100km walking blisters

I was attempting a 100km walk over three days. Day one was 42k, after 27k I knew the blister was bad but refused to look at it as I knew i wouldnt get my shoes back on. Made it to the end, took the shoe off in the shower and saw this.... went to emergency at the hospital and they drained 9 syringes of blood from each foot.

Your worst blister experience: heel edge blood blisters

Pete Dwyer’s 100km nasty heel edge blisters


blood aspirated from bad blood blisters on heels

Medics aspirated this much blood from Pete’s blood blisters


Katie McGuire’s Oxfam Trailwalker heel blister

I’ll never forget!

bad foot blister on heel has deroofed
Katie’s Oxfam Trailwalker deroofed heel blister - Yowza!


Leah Tina’s first 100 miler blisters

My first 100 Miler, and my feet were torn up after the 80km mark. While they did get patched up by medical at 100km, they proceeded to worsen. Let's just say, much resilience was taught in those last 70km 😂 (I'd like to learn how to better manage this! )

Bad toe blisters including Compeed and blood blisters
Leah Tina’s 100 Miler toe and forefoot Blisters - Oh my lord!


Thank you for your bad blister stories!

Thanks to EVERYONE who was brave enough to put their poor feet and bad blisters up on my Facebook page and tell me their blister story. If you have any blister questions at all, please don't hesitate dropping me a line - I'll be glad to help :)


Need help with YOUR blisters?

Got a blister and not sure how to treat it? Here's how.


Rebecca Rushton
Rebecca Rushton


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