ENGO Blister Patches Combo Pack

The ENGO Blister Patches Combo Pack comes with a combination of all four patch shapes. Suitable for all areas of your shoes, insoles & orthotics.

Contents & Dimensions

2 x Rectangle patches 7cm x 9.5cm (2.7in x 3.7in)
4 x Heel Patches 3.8cm x 9.1cm (1.5in x 3.6in)
4 x Small Oval Patches 3.8cm x 5.1cm (1.5in x 2in)
6 x Large Oval Patches 4.4cm x 7cm (1.7in x 2.7in)


All blister situations:

  • Toe blisters
  • Arch blisters
  • Heel edge blisters
  • Back of heel blisters
  • Ball of foot blisters
  • Forefoot edge blisters
  • Shoes, insoles and orthotics

Please note: ENGO patches do not help interdigital blisters or toenail blisters as the patches do not have contact with these areas.

  • ENGO Patches are latex-free
  • Blue low friction surface: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Adhesive: Patches apply to your footwear, not your skin. The adhesive is not intended for use on skin and is not medical-grade.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet