Gel Toe Protector Sleeves

BlisterPod Gel Toe Protector Sleeves provide 360 degrees cushioning to toes, excluding the toe tip.

  • Deluxe double-thickness gel layer.
  • Gel layer 2mm (0.08in) thick - most others have 1mm or less.
  • This provides you with superior cushioning to relieve painful corns and callouses, hammertoes, rubbing and absorption of blister-causing forces.
  • Perfectly elasticised to stay securely on your toe without cutting off the circulation.
  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic, washable & reusable.

Gel Toe Sleeves come in two sizes: Wide for the big toe; Narrow for all small toes.

Contents & Dimensions

  • This pack contains 2 pieces, each 15cm (6in) long
    - The wide sleeves pack will over 6 toes
    - The narrow sleeves will cover 6-8 toes, depending on toe length
  • Cut to size with scissors (will not fray)
  • For best results, cut slightly longer than the length of your toe. Trim one corner on a 45 degree angle and position this corner behind your toes (or between your toes). This will ensure full toe protection while preventing the material from "bunching up" between your toes.


  • Cushion and protect corns, callouses, hammertoes, clawed toes, overlapping toes, underriding toes
  • Relieves rubbing and pinching of toes
  • Great for breaking in new shoes
  • Can be used in fashion shoes, high heels, sandals
  • Used in sport for pressure and friction protection
  • Prevent blisters
    - Blisters between the toes
    - Pinch blisters
    - Top of toe blisters
    - Outside of the little toe and under the big toe
  • Use Gel Toe Sleeves on one or two toes at most, not all toes as it may make your toebox too cramped.

Please note: Gel Toe Protector Sleeves are elasticised, fit snuggly on the toe and require both hands to apply.


  • Inner Gel = Thermoplastic Elastomer Compound
  • Ribbed Outer = 76% Nylon and 24% Spandex
  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic, washable & reusable
  • Material Safety Data Sheet


  • Remove periodically to allow skin to dry.
  • Do not place directly on broken or blistered skin. Use on intact skin only to prevent skin damage rather than treat it.
  • Wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry.
  • Optional: Apply talcum powder to the gel to maximise longevity.