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Doug Murdoch asks some very good questions about blisters today. Read the interview here ...

Pursuit Athletic Performance

Coach Al Lyman and I chat about the myths that exist about foot blisters. Listen to the pocast here ...

Kalgoorlie Miner

Kalgoorlie Miner

The Kalgoorlie Miner covers my trip to Canberra to support the ANZAC Ultra 2015: Article 1 | Article 2

 Run For Your Life Magazine - Blister Treatment and Prevention: A Fresh Approach

Run For Your Life Magazine

Blister Treatment & Prevention: A Fresh Approach: Successful foot blister treatment is all about controlling infection and minimising pain, neither of which is easy and both of which require you to have equipment on hand. Download the article ...

 Fixing Your Feet blog

Fixing Your Feet - John Vonhof

An Introduction To Shear And Blister Formation: For years, the common thinking about blister causes has been friction, heat, and moisture. Rebecca’s research has led her to identify shear as a leading cause of blisters. Over the next months, Rebecca and I will take an in-depth look into blisters, their formation, and treatments. Her website Blister Prevention has a lot of valuable information on blisters.  Read the whole article ...

 mile27 Andy DuBois

Mile27 - Andy DuBois

Blister Prevention 101: I asked a few questions of Rebecca to get a better understanding of both the problem and the solution. Read the whole interview ...

Bushwalk Australia

Bushwalk Australia Magazine

A Quick Guide To Blister Prevention For Bushwalkers - Read article 
A Quick Guide To Blister Treatment For Bushwalkers - Read article

 Podiatry Bulletin June/July 2013

Podiatry Bulletin June/July 2013

Podiatry Bulletin

Understanding Foot Blisters: Foot blisters deserve more attention and improved outcomes considering their prevalence. It’s not that blisters are an insignificant injury. But it seems that because they are an injury of the skin rather than the musculoskeletal system, they tend to be relegated to an injury of lesser importance. Read the whole article ...

 Kinetic Revolution

Kinetic Revolution 

5 Insights For Running Blister Prevention Success: Read the whole post ...

Ultrarun - Christian Madsen

To Avoid Blisters: Ultrarunner Christian Madsen applies the concept of shear to his own foot blister history and experience. Read Christian's post ... 

Oxfam Trailwalker

Footcare Advice For Trailwalkers: Blisters are the No1 reason for participants to pull out! With this in mind, here’s some advice to help minimise your chance of injury and maximise your comfort and performance. Read the whole article ...

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The Partnerunning Show

In this not to be missed episode, our extra special guest is Rebecca Rushton provides tips and advice to runners regardless of experience or distance. With the Anzac Ultra 2015 fast approaching, Rebecca there are valuable suggestions for foot care for our listeners.

Listen to interview

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Bushwalking Blog

A Fraction Too Much Friction: Every hiker knows the perils of foot blisters. Although hikers are some of the most organised people I know, I’ve seen quite a few who have neglected blister prevention and paid the price.  Read the whole article...