The Blister Prone Athlete's Guide

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve tried everything, and you still get blisters. And you have no idea why. The fact is, stock-standard blister prevention techniques don’t always work, especially for those a little more blister prone than others. Thankfully, when you understand the four factors that combine to cause blisters, it changes everything. And I’m not talking about heat, moisture and friction. If you want to get on top of blisters in sport - these are a given! You need to find solutions knowing it’s going to be hot and sweaty in your shoes and friction levels are high.

In The Blister Prone Athlete’s Guide to Preventing Foot Blisters, you'll discover the best preventive strategies for the 10 most common foot blister locations. 

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, what climate you live in or how blister prone you are, preventing blisters can be easy. But you need to consider each anatomical location on its own merits. This is what it takes to get on top of blisters when basic blister prevention techniques are not enough.

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