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Advanced Hiking Blister Kit

Advanced Hiking Blister Kit


At Blisterprevention.com.au, our Advanced Blister Kit provides medical-grade blister protection in the form of cushions, padding, patches, plasters, dressings, antiseptic and more.

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Video demonstration of blister kit contents

Perfect blister kit for day trips or over-night hikes. The Advanced Hiking Blister Kit will help you take the pain out of your foot blisters immediately, help them heal faster, and prevent them from coming back with advanced blister prevention and treatment gear.


  • 2 x sterile hydrocolloid dressings (6.9cm x 4.4cm)

  • 1 x adhesive felt sheet (9cm x 11cm)

  • 2 x sterile Scalpel blades (size 15)

  • 2 x ENGO large oval patches

  • 1 x Gel toe protector sleeve (narrow)

  • 1 x Gel toe protector sleeve (wide)

  • 2 x Povidone iodine (Betadine) swabs

  • 2 x Gloves (medium)

  • ½ metre Fixomull tape (5cm width)

  • 2 x sterile Cutiplast dressings (7cm x 5cm)

  • 2 x Skin Prep adhesive enhancer swabs

  • Easy-to-follow instructions included

  • Sturdy compressible double-zipper blister kit bag

Dimensions: 13cm x 2cm x 18 cm and 132 g

“I love my Advanced Blister Kit – it packs down light and has everything I need.” Paul B, Australia