The Art and Science Of Blister Prevention

ENGO 4-Pack

ENGO 4-Pack


The ENGO 4-Pack of large oval patches is an all-purpose blister pack suitable for most blisters. The large oval patches are easily applied to all areas of your footwear. This pack contains 4 x Large Oval Patches (4.4cm x 7cm).

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The ENGO 4-Pack of large oval patches is perfect for:

  • Sports shoes, boots, ski boots, casual or fashion shoes

  • Arch blisters, ball of foot blisters and all edge blisters

  • Running, hiking, walking and all sports

  • Guaranteed for 300 miles (~500km)

  • Can be cut easily with scissors

  • Resists moisture

  • Latex-free

ENGO large oval patches will give you immediate and significant relief if you already have a blister, and ensure blister prevention.

“I’m training for the Melbourne marathon and the engo patches are essential piece of kit for me, I used them before when I lived in England and they saved me from giving up running. They are the best piece of kit I own as it doesn’t matter how much I spend on runners or socks I still end up with blisters and calluses but these little blue stickers save the day. I will always highly recommend them to my fellow runners!” Lisa, Melbourne.