The Art and Science Of Blister Prevention

ENGO 6-Pack

ENGO 6-Pack


The ENGO 6-Pack of oval patches is a versatile blister pack for most blister situations. The oval shape makes the patches easy to apply to any area of the shoe and the size provides perfect coverage for most blisters. This pack contains 2 x Small Oval Patches (3.8cm x 5.1cm) and 4 x Large Oval Patches (4.4cm x 7cm).

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Everything the 4-Pack offers and a little bit more, the 6-Pack is our most popular product - great value!

The ENGO 6-Pack is perfect for:

  • Arch blisters, ball of foot blisters, top of toeblisters and all edge blisters

  • Sports shoes, boots, ski boots, casual or fashion shoes

  • Running, hiking, walking and all sports

  • Guaranteed for 300 miles (~500km)

  • Can be cut easily with scissors

  • Resists moisture

  • Latex-free

ENGO large and small oval patches will give you immediate and significant relief if you already have a blister, and ensure blister prevention.

“Completed the whole 100kms of the recent Oxfam Trailwalker Perth with Engo patches and was very, very happy with their performance. Where I was previously having trouble was just great and totally blister free!!! So glad I discovered Engo patches. When you have a 100km walk challenge ahead of you, it is so great to be able to almost totally discount the worry of blisters, because of Engo!! and I saw some horribly blistered feet that weekend. Love them!” Brenda, WA