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ENGO Combo Pack

ENGO Combo Pack


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Blisterprevetion.com.au offers an ENGO Blister Prevention Combo Pack in a combination of four patch shapes. Suitable for all areas of your shoes, insoles & orthotics.

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The Combo Pack is the perfect all-purpose ENGO blister patches pack. This pack contains

  • 2 x Rectangle Patches (7cm x 9.5cm)

  • 4 x Heel Patches (3.8cm x 9.1cm)

  • 4 x Small Oval Patches (3.8cm x 5.1cm)

  • 6 x Large Oval Patches (4.4cm x 7cm)

The Combo Pack of blister prevention patches is perfect for:

  • Any activity from running, hiking, walking and all sports

  • Sports shoes, boots, ski boots, casual or fashion shoes

  • Almost every blister situation from heel to toe

  • Multi-day events and team events

  • Guaranteed for 300 miles (~500km)

  • Can be cut easily with scissors

  • Resists moisture

  • Latex-free

ENGO blister prevention patches will give you immediate and significant relief if you already have a blister, and ensure blister prevention.

“The Engo blister patches are amazing - I’m sure you get told that a lot. I have blistered feet and am heading to Nepal this Sunday but I can now hike as much as I like pain free thanks to the Engo blister patches.” Sean, Queensland

“I did the Melbourne Oxfam in 2011 and had a very painful last 50 kms due to mulitple incredibly angry blisters, which in turn caused me to walk differently causing muscle issues. The worst 12 hours of my life, living on Panadeine Forte like tick tags. Couldn't walk for days afterwards. I was somehow talked into doing it again this year, so researched better and bought an ENGO pack. The single best decision and purchase I could have made. I completed it over 2 hours faster this year, didn't need the painkillers and could have kept going at the finish. Only one blister on each foot, and you guessed it, hadn't protected that area with ENGO blister patches.” Dale, Victoria