The Art and Science Of Blister Prevention

ENGO Heel Pack

ENGO Heel Pack


The ENGO Heel Pack is specially designed for full coverage of blisters at the back of the heel. This pack contains 2 x Heel Patches (3.8cm x 9.1cm).

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The ENGO Heel Pack will protect the back of your heels in any situation:

  • Suitable for sports shoes, boots, ski boots, casual and fashion shoes

  • Works for running, hiking, walking and all sports

  • Heel pack patches are shapes like a heel grip

  • Guaranteed for 300 miles (~500km)

  • Resists moisture

  • Latex-free

The heel pack will give you immediate and significant relief if you already have a blister, and ensure blister prevention.

Watch the video below to discover how best to apply your ENGO Heel Pack patches.

“We completed the Overland Track around 10 days ago. In 30 years of bushwalking in Tasmania I have never completed a walk of any distance without some kind of heel blister - on this trip I survived 6 days and 70 kilometres of walking carrying a 25 kilo pack without ANY blister of ANY kind [with the ENGO Heel Pack]. The upshot of all of this is that I was able to enjoy the walk and that my wife and children were along for the trip with me. Under normal circumstances I would have been in quite serious discomfort after day three and basically become totally self-absorbed for the last 3 days enduring the pain.” Marcus, Australia