The Art and Science Of Blister Prevention

ENGO Rectangle Pack

ENGO Rectangle Pack


The ENGO Rectangle Pack provides blister protection for large areas such as the ball of your foot and ankle. This pack contains 2 x Rectangle patches (7cm x 9.5cm).

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Use the ENGO Rectangle Pack in the following situations:

  • Apply to insole or orthotic under the ball of foot blisters

  • Apply to ankle of hiking boots, ski boots and skates

  • Running, hiking, walking and all sports

  • Guaranteed for 300 miles (~500km)

  • Can be cut easily with scissors

  • Resists moisture

  • Latex-free

ENGO rectangle patches will give you immediate and significant relief if you already have a blister, and ensure blister prevention.

“ENGO patches are a remarkably effective product! I bought some new hiking boots some weeks back (Scarpa SL). Theoretically they are the same boots as my previous pair, same type size etc (and expensive). However, unlike the previous pair, these have caused me no end of frustration, and I am still recovering from my last 2-day hike in the Victorian Alps where they took all of the skin off both my ankles and balls of my feet. Very painful, and I spent the last bit of the hike walking just in blood-soaked socks. I put the ENGO patches on last night, and I was able to walk in the boots – so then I went to the steepest hill I could find, loaded my pack with books and gave it a shot – no pain at all on the still healing parts of my foot. I was very impressed, and absolutely delighted with the improvement these patches make. I actually ran 10 km in the boots this morning, and again no rubbing – there is no way I could have done this without the patches!!!” Mike, Victoria