The Art and Science Of Blister Prevention

Silicone Toe Sleeves

Silicone Toe Sleeves


BlisterPod Gel Toe Protector Sleeves help to prevent toe blisters including blisters between the toes and pinch blisters. This pack contains 2 x 15cm lengths of Gel Toe Sleeves.

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Cut your toe sleeve to length with scissors - Watch the video for tips on how to size and fit your silicone toe sleeve.


  • Wide: 2cm diameter – For your big toe

  • Narrow: 1.5cm diameter – For your other toes (toes 2-5)

This pack will cover:

  • 6 Big Toes

  • 6-8 Lesser Toes (depending on toe length)


  • Relieves rubbing and pinching of toes

  • Prevents blisters between the toes, pinch blisters, blisters on the tops of the toes, on the outside of the pinky toe and under the big toe

  • Cushions painful corns and callouses

  • Protects prominent joints: hammertoes, clawed toes, overlapping toes, under-riding toes

  • Perfect for breaking in new shoes (sports or fashion shoes)

  • Used in sport for pressure and rubbing protection

  • Latex-free and hypoallergenic

  • Do not place directly onto broken or blistered skin

  • Remove toe sleeve periodically to allow skin to air-dry


  • Cut toe sleeve to length with scissors – the material will not fray when cut

  • Fully lined with gel material for 360 degree toe protection.

  • Perfectly elasticised so your gel toe protector will stay on without feeling tight or cutting off the circulation.

  • Softly ribbed outer fabric is soft and more durable than mesh or raw silicone toe sleeve protectors.

  • 2mm gel layer (many others only have 1mm) to provide excellent absorption and cushioning.