The Art and Science Of Blister Prevention

Ultra Blister Kit

Ultra Blister Kit


At Blisterprevention.com.au, our Ultra Blister Kit is the perfect blister kit for multi-day hiking, ultramarathon and endurance activities in any climate. It contains 60+ medical grade components, plus instructions, to cover every blister situation.

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Prevent and treat any blister:

  • Protect injured and uninjured skin

  • Prevent and manage infection

  • Manage pressure and friction levels

  • Nail and callous maintenance

  • Pop/lance blisters safely

The Ultra Blister Kit will help you take the pain out of your foot blisters so you can continue on, help them heal faster in spite of remaining active and stop them from returning.


  • 6 x Cutiplast island dressings 7cm x 5cm (sterile)

  • 6 x Joint island dressings (sterile)

  • 12 x "Finger" island dressings (sterile)

  • 2 x Hydrocolloid dressing 6.9cm x 4.4cm (sterile)

  • 2 x Hydrocolloid dressings 6.5cm x 2.5cm (sterile) *new*

  • 2 x Hydrocolloid dressings 6.5cm x 2cm (sterile) *new*

  • 2 x Small Oval Patches (3.8cm x 5.1cm)

  • 4 x Large Oval Patches (4.4cm x 7cm)

  • 1m Fixomull 5cm width

  • 6 x Betadine swabs

  • 2 x Skin Prep wipes

  • 2 x 5 Cotton tip applicators (sterile)

  • 2 x 5 Cotton wool balls or gauze (sterile)

  • 2 x Scalpel blades size 15 (sterile)

  • 2 x Hypodermic needles 23G (sterile)

  • 2 x Gloves (medium/large)

  • 1 x Emery board

  • 1 x Orthopedic felt sheet 15cm x 11cm x 5mm thick

  • 1 x Poron/PPT sheet 15cm x 13 cm x 2mm thick

  • 1 x Gel toe sleeve - wide

  • 1 x Gel toe sleeve - narrow

  • 1 x Gel toe cap - narrow

  • 1 x 2Toms BlisterShield powder *new*

  • Sturdy compressible double-zipper blister kit bag

Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm x 5cm and 248g

“The amount of time, energy and money you would have to invest in trying to replicate this kit from scratch on your own would be very prohibitive and some items are very difficult to acquire individually or in small quantities. I am now planning on walking the Camino De Santiago which is a 500 mile pilgrimage across northern Spain, and I guarantee you, this Ultra Blister Kit will be in my pack.” Canoe, USA