How To Prevent Blisters

"Many myths continue to be propagated regarding the prevention and treatment of friction blisters... Physicians, coaches and athletic trainers continue to advocate the use of petrolatum jelly and skin powders to prevent blisters while the scientific literature suggests these measures may actually increase the chance of blistering on the feet" Doug Richie DPM (2010). 

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We completed the Overland Track around 10 days ago and I have been meaning to report back to you about the ENGO patches. I often say that the human race has created three amazing things - velcro, cable ties and duct tape. I have added one more - ENGO blister patches. In 30 years of bushwalking in Tasmania I have never completed a walk of any distance without some kind of heel blister - on this trip I survived 6 days and 70 kilometres of walking carrying a 25 kilo pack without ANY blister of ANY kind. To be fair I combined the patches with a Fixomull foot taping technique I found on your website and a new boot lacing technique, however I could feel the patches working every time I put my boots on. The upshot of all of this is that I was able to enjoy the walk and that my wife and children were along for the trip with me. Under normal circumstances I would have been in quite serious discomfort after day three and basically become totally self-absorbed for the last 3 days enduring the pain.
— Marcus from Tasmania

Do You Feel Like You’re Fighting A Losing Battle With Your Foot Blisters?

  • If your feet seem to be in a constant state of blister recovery;
  • If you’re spending too much money on blister products that don’t work;
  • If you’re sick and tired of the time it takes to prepare your feet every day;
  • If you’re running or walking differently to favour the blistered areas of your feet;
  • If you’re afraid to push yourself because you can’t trust how far your feet will take you; or
  • If you’ve given up on blister prevention and are relying on foot blister treatment to get you through.
  • It’s Time For You To Take A Different Approach. Whether You’re Dealing With Stubborn:

    1. Heel blisters - at the back of your heel
    2. Blisters under your heel
    3. Edge blisters (on the edges of your feet)
    4. Blisters under the ball of your foot
    5. Blisters on the tops of your toes
    6. Blisters between your toes
    7. Little toe blisters
    8. Toenail blisters
    9. Big toe blisters
    10. Arch blisters

    “The fact is, stock-standard blister prevention techniques don’t always work. Especially for those a little more blister prone than others. Thankfully, when you understand the four factors that combine to cause blisters, it changes everything. And I’m not talking about heat, moisture and friction. If you want to get on top of blisters in sport - these are a given! You need to find solutions knowing it’s going to be hot and sweaty in your shoes and friction levels are high.”

    It doesn’t matter what sport you play, what climate you live in or how blister prone you are, successfully managing blisters becomes easy, whether you’re struggling with:

    • Running blisters – New or experienced runners, track athletes to ultramarathon runners …
    • Hiking blisters – Be it backpacking day trips, through-hiking or expeditions …
    • Court sports blisters – Like tennis, netball, basketball …
    • Field sport blisters – Football, soccer, hockey, …
    • Friction blisters from any activity or shoes.

    Or whether you’re still getting blisters on your feet in spite of:

    • Getting new shoes
    • Trying all sorts of blister socks
    • Applying blister tapes and dressings
    • Using Vaseline, powders or other anti-blister treatments

    Few people are better-placed to help you get on top of your foot blisters. The author, Rebecca Rushton:

    • Is a podiatrist of 21 years experience;
    • Specialises in providing blister care in the athletic arena;
    • Educates athletes and sports medicine practitioners on blister management; and
    • Has spent a life-time dealing with her own blister-prone feet in her sporting and everyday life.

    “I’m going to get specific, because that’s the direction blister prevention needs to move if it's to be useful. This book will help athletes like you narrow in on the factors relevant to your blisters, your feet and your biomechanics. And help you finally get on top of your foot blister problems. Don’t take my word for it. Scroll back up to the top of this page and click on the book image (top left) to take a ‘Look Inside’ my book.”

    Get expert insights, tricks of the trade and insider tips to take you from blister victim to champion. This is the blister book that will give you the confidence to push yourself harder, further and faster, knowing your feet will not let you down.