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Luke Wensing, Camino walker

Luke Wensing, Camino walker


“Your online material worked wonders for me. Some of the walkers on the Camino with us had sought 'professional' help in preparation and found that the guidance and advice was lacking. One woman had spent about $400 on boots and suffered really badly. She had no idea about blisters and how they happen. In fact most of our group had no idea, they were just hoping it would not happen to them! All I can say is thank you!”


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Matt Angus, 48 hour ultra marathon runner

Matt Angus, 48 hour ultra marathon runner


“I stood, and could noticeably tell the difference immediately. I could walk! I decided to shuffle around for one lap to test it out. By the back straight I was unable to feel any discomfort in the area and had returned to a full run.”


Most people do the same thing for every blister they get and wonder why they keep coming back. I show people what works best for the 15 areas of the foot and how to implement these strategies so they can stick to their training plans, perform at their best and enjoy their active lifestyles to the fullest. On this site, you’ll learn:

  • What causes foot blisters

  • How to correctly treat a blister including blood blister treatment

  • How to prevent blisters from coming back

  • Get quality blister treatment and prevention products


“For me, the most important thing I learned from the material was the concept of skin shear as a cause of blisters, rather than just friction and heat. I am a person who likes to understand things from first principles, so the inclusion of the explanation as to why blisters occur in the first place provided me with an excellent basis for subsequent actions. As a result, all your potential solutions made sense to me, and, additionally, I can now evaluate any future solutions to blister problems on the basis of whether it deals with the underlying cause.” ~ John Tobin, walker


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Hi! I’m Rebecca Rushton.

I've been helping people prevent and treat foot blisters in my podiatry clinic, on the sporting field and track-side at running events for twenty five years; and online through this website and YouTube channel for almost ten years.

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have watched my videos treating blisters on feet, thousands have used my advice to fix their blisters and hundreds have stayed in their race after I have treated their blisters. I know anyone can do this and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be a podiatrist to do it.


Tamyka Bell, 6-Day Ultra marathon runner

Tamyka Bell, 6-Day Ultra marathon runner

“This woman is the blister guru of the modern world! She has saved my feet many times over. Nearly everything I know about blister prevention I learnt from Rebecca... and everything else I thought I knew, I ran by her to check I was right.”