Hi, I'm Rebecca Rushton, podiatrist and founder of Blister Prevention.

About Rebecca Rushton
I help active people treat foot blisters, and even better, prevent them in the first place.

I'm fortunate that I can help people overcome all sorts of foot blister scenarios, from minor annoyance to major performance-limiting blisters. It's the combination of my 25 years experience as a podiatrist, volunteering at ultramarathon events, my own blister-proneness and the research I've done in the last 10 years that allows me to help people in this way. 

I've spent almost 10 years looking at the world’s best blister research, some of which dated back to a golden era of blister research in the military, the 1960s. All the way up to the fantastic work being done at the University of Salford in the UK in the current day. 

What have I found?

There are mismatches between research findings and popular messaging around blisters. For example, the mainstream understanding of what causes blisters is slightly off. And it’s affecting the way we attempt to prevent and treat blisters. You can imagine, if our understanding of what causes blisters is slightly off, then the strategies we use attempting to prevent and treat them are not going to be as successful as we need them to be. What do I mean by "slightly off"? Watch this video to see. 


My Mission

"I'm taking the mystery out of blister management. And I'm using research and scientific fact to do this."

There are a lot of myths about foot blisters - their cause, prevention and treatment. And they're deeply entrenched, among athletes and in sports medicine circles too. It's a shame because athletes are suffering unnecessarily. My mission is to turn this around:

  • To improve the state of blister management (particularly prevention)
  • So athletes can get on top of their blisters and perform pain-free
  • And so sports medicine professionals can offer solutions that work

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Words of support...

All of us agreed that it was incredibly informative. Oh and once again just to say congrats on this. I don’t think there is anything else out there like it.
— Ian Griffiths, Podiatrist (UK)
Everyone knows what a pain blisters can be. Yet knowledge is power! Read this great report to help prevent blisters!
— Sports Medicine Australia
Hi Rebecca, I came across your blister report thanks to my friend and colleague Ian Griffiths (Podiatrist). It’s brilliant! Thank you for taking the time to put it together.
— James Dunne - Kinetic Revolution (UK)
Rebecca is a friend and podiatrist from Australia. I admire her work regarding blister formation and prevention. I follow her website and whatever she writes.
— John Vonhof - Fixing Your Feet (USA)
You are THE go-to guru podiatrist for ultra runners in Australia and we collectively claim you as our own.
— Dr Martin Fryer, Australian ultrarunner
You have covered the topic beautifully. Would you mind if I shared this with some of my students?
— Anon, Podiatrist (UK)
It’s not a sexy subject but I was surprised at how much I learned.
— Anon, Podiatrist (Aus)
Have you written any peer-reviewed paper on this. If you haven’t, you should.
— Belinda Longhurst, Podiatrist (UK)
Thank you for your very interesting website and details about blister prevention. It has been truly inspiring.
— Christian Madsen - Ultrarun.com (Denmark)
Superb report on blister prevention, great for any athletes out there, whether you’re a Sunday stroller or elite level.
— James Welch, Podiatrist (UK)