Excellent Hand Washing Technique Video

by Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)

I bet you've never washed your hands so much; and never thought so hard about how you're doing it. Hasn't this COVID-19 pandemic made you think differently about germs, how they spread, and how we usually get away with it. 

Of course, hand washing is nothing new. Health professionals have been practicing the following guidelines for many years.


hand hygiene - how to wash your hands
Hand hygiene - how to wash your hands


The hand washing video I love

Nothing beats a visual demonstration. Twitter to the rescue! This popped up on my feed a couple of weeks ago. I love it! 


Take away - don't be lax 

There's something to be learned here when it comes to blister care. All too often, hand hygiene becomes a little lax during blister treatment. The bacteria on your hands can land in your blister and not too long afterwards, you'll realise your blister is getting worse instead of better, because of the treatment you gave it.

So unless you'd like to risk an infected blister, clean your hands. Be it soap & water or alcohol-based hand sanitiser, kill the bacteria on your hands before you start fiddling with your blister and your blister gear.


Take care of yourself!

Anyway, until next time, take care! Don’t forget to stay at home as much as you can, practice social-distancing when you’re out, wash your hands frequently and be kind to others.


PS: A couple of years ago, a study was published that showed a 3-step hand washing technique was just as effective as the 6-step technique shown above. So if your brain is hurting and you need a simplified version, you can download it here


PPS: If you need cheering up, tune in every day to my favourite British comedian (apart from Michael McIntyre and Micky Flanagan) Sarah Millican as she imparts 5 minutes of infinite wisdom from her book, and reminds you every day to "wash your fookin' hands :) Enjoy.


Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)
Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)


Podiatrist, blister prone ex-hockey player, foot blister thought-leaderauthor and educator. Can’t cook. Loves test cricket.

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