Have You Tried Everything To Stop Getting Blisters On Your Feet?

Below is a list of 14 blister prevention strategies

So you can make sure you really have tried everything!

While you’re reading over this list, it might be time to re-investigate the things you have tried, from a slightly more scientific perspective (which is what you’ll find on this blog).

Many myths continue to be propagated regarding the prevention and treatment of friction blisters... Physicians, coaches and athletic trainers continue to advocate the use of petrolatum jelly and skin powders to prevent blisters while the scientific literature suggests these measures may actually increase the chance of blistering on the feet." 

Doug Richie DPM (2010)




prevent foot blisters with cushioning and insoles
prevent foot blisters with orthotics

—— SKIN ——

prevent foot blisters with antiperspirants
prevent foot blisters with powders
prevent foot blisters with astringents


prevent foot blisters by changing your running gait
prevent foot blisters with your training regime

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