ENGO Blister Patches: Testimonials

We’re Pleased To Offer ENGO Patches To Athletes In Australia & New Zealand

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“I’m training for the Melbourne marathon and the Engos are essential piece of kit for me, I used them before when I lived in England and they saved me from giving up running. They are the best piece of kit I own as it doesn’t matter how much I spend on runners or socks I still end up with blisters and calluses but these little blue stickers save the day. I will always highly recommend them to my fellow runners!”

— Lisa from Melbourne

“I’m now getting enjoyment out of my running shoes. (I no longer fear them!). Thanks for your great product and excellent customer service.”

— Garry from Queensland

“We completed the Overland Track around 10 days ago and I have been meaning to report back to you about the ENGO patches. I often say that the human race has created three amazing things - velcro, cable ties and duct tape. I have added one more - ENGO blister patches. In 30 years of bushwalking in Tasmania I have never completed a walk of any distance without some kind of heel blister - on this trip I survived 6 days and 70 kilometres of walking carrying a 25 kilo pack without ANY blister of ANY kind. To be fair I combined the patches with a Fixomull foot taping technique I found on your website and a new boot lacing technique, however I could feel the patches working every time I put my boots on. The upshot of all of this is that I was able to enjoy the walk and that my wife and children were along for the trip with me. Under normal circumstances I would have been in quite serious discomfort after day three and basically become totally self-absorbed for the last 3 days enduring the pain.”

— Marcus from Tasmania

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I’ve struggled with blisters while bushwalking in my heavy full grain leather boots for years - especially Tassie walking, as it means my feet are constantly wet from rain and mud for a week or more. I’d tried pretty much all fixes, but nothing worked properly except your patches - I did the Dusky Track in NZ recently, 8 days and very wet & muddy. Normally my feet would have been a bloody mess by the first day, but with patches I had no issues. Thanks again.”

— Hugh from Hobart

“Your customer service is excellent! You’ve kept me informed the whole way. If anything, you deserve praise for providing such excellent service that is so rare nowadays. Thank you ever so much for being such a pleasure to deal with! I most definitely will be ordering from you again and will of course pass on the good word to my family and friends!”

— Marina from NSW

“I have had NO problems at all. Put them through 12hr race and a 24hr race without a worry - stayed perfectly in place before, during and after.”

— Billy from ACT

“The Engo patches are amazing - I’m sure you get told that a lot. I have blistered feet and am heading to Nepal this Sunday but I can now hike as much as I like pain free thanks to the Engo patches.”

— Sean from Queensland

“ENGO Blister Prevention Patches are great. I have promoted them for years. I tell runners to pin one on their bib number before a race in case a hotspot develops. They work great on the insole for ball of the feet pain. ”

— John Vonhof, author of Fixing Your Feet; Prevention andTreatment for Athletes, 5th Ed

“Then I found your website, with the recommended stretches and engo patches. I did the stretches from that day on, the patches arrived the next day - and I walked my first 5km in over four years the day I put them in my shoes. I’ve since lost 5kg, and have been exercising every day... I really wanted you to know that I’m not exaggerating when I say these have literally changed my life. For the first time in so long I can regularly walk again - the only soreness I get on walks now is the muscles in my legs. I’ve never been so happy to feel pain!”

— Lisa from Perth

“I put one in my daughter’s school shoe about 5 weeks ago now, and it’s still there, perfectly fine. She tells me that she doesn’t get a blister anymore, so that’s a great thing! ”

— Cathie from NSW

“Completed the whole 100kms of the recent Oxfam Trailwalk Perth with Engo patches and was very,very happy with their performance. Where I was previously having trouble was just great and totally blister free!!! So glad I discovered Engo and have been singing their praises to all I think could benefit. When you have a 100km walk challenge ahead of you, it is so great to be able to almost totally discount the worry of blisters, because of Engo!! and I saw some horribly blistered feet that weekend!! Love them, recommend them and would certainly keep buying them.”

— Brenda from WA

“I am so pleased to see that we now have an Australian distributor for ENGO. I have been an avid ENGO patch user for about 5 years now, having initially heard about them from John Vonhof’s “Fixing Your Feet” book, which is the bible of ultramarathon foot care. The ENGO patches are truly miraculous and I have put them to the ultimate test many times.”

— Dr Martin Fryer, Australian ultramarathon runner

“This is a remarkably effective product! I bought some new hiking boots some weeks back (Scarpa SL). Theoretically they are the same boots as my previous pair, same type size etc (and expensive). However, unlike the previous pair, these have caused me no end of frustration, and I am still recovering from my last 2-day hike in the Victorian Alps where they took all of the skin off both my ankles and balls of my feet. Very painful, and I spent the last bit of the hike walking just in blood-soaked socks. I put the ENGO patches on last night, and I was able to walk in the boots – so then I went to the steepest hill I could find, loaded my pack with books and gave it a shot – no pain at all on the still healing parts of my foot. I was very impressed, and absolutely delighted with the improvement these patches make. I actually ran 10 km in the boots this morning, and again no rubbing – there is no way I could have done this without the patches!!! So I hope the problem is solved.”

— Mike from Victoria

“I’m extremely pleased to have found the engo product. For over two years I have been dealing with blistering on my heels caused by the deterioration of the material in my shoes. I have had to discard many comfortable shoes simply because heel protection has worn away . I placed an engo heel patch over one large area of damage and was stunned that it actually stayed in place when I walked and is still there. So far, a very successful purchase that is not only helping my heels but also protecting my bank balance by allowing me to get better use from a pair of expensive walking shoes.”

— Thomas from Queensland

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