[Case Study] ENGO Patches In Half Marathon Blister Plan

Kerry had been a casual runner since she was twenty.

Thirty years later, she was in training for her first half marathon. Usually a minor issue, running blisters on her toes had now become a major problem. Wearing Injinji toesocks helped with some of them. And she bought an ENGO 6-Pack for the others. When I emailed Kerry 6 weeks later, she said the patches had stopped some of her blisters but not the ones under the callouses.

In an effort to help Kerry get on top of her blister problem, I asked her to send me some photos of her feet and the ENGO patches on her innersoles so I could check she had used the 2-Patch technique to apply the patches.

Marathon blisters


I can't believe how helpful you are. Yes my feet are problematic. Too many years in high heels. I'm 51 and only retired last year so my feet have been crucified over the years having held corporate roles most of my career where I have had to dress the part.

Kerry wears orthotics and has bunions - one was worse than the other. Interestingly, the foot with the bigger bunion had less blistering. With this in mind and from the information gleaned from the photos, I suspected there was an issue with foot function and joint stiffness (functional or structural – it was impossible to tell from the photos alone). So we came up with the following action plan:

  • See the podiatrist to find out what kind of stiffness existed at the bunion joint and whether it could be lessened with an orthotic modification (to facilitate the windlass mechanism)
  • Consider buying men’s running shoes – they're a wider fit for the same length
  • Reposition one of the ENGO Patches
  • Calf stretching & the importance of technique – under-rated for problems on the toes and under the ball of the foot!
  • Consider a gel toe sleeve to cushion the big toe if pressure continues to be a problem


Kerry's podiatrist was a big help, and: 


He trimmed all the calluses which I was happy about. I didn't know they did that lol. Anyway thanks for all your advice it's very much appreciated. I told the Michelle Bridges 12WBT forums about ENGO.

Armed with some specific information from me and the help she received from her podiatrist, Kerry got new shoes that give her feet the room they need. Combined with the orthotic alteration, the ENGO Patches and improved self-maintenance of her callouses, Kerry was on her way to running a blister-free half-marathon.

Are you on top of your blister situation? If you're not 100% sure what you're doing, I encourage you to take a look at the Fix My Foot Blisters Fast program.