Advanced Blister Kit

Our Advanced Blister Kit allows you to pack light while providing medical-grade blister protection in the form of cushions, padding, patches, plasters, dressings, antiseptic and more.

  • 13cm (5.1in) x 18cm (7.1in) x 2cm (0.8in)
  • Soft shell compresses to minimise bulk
  • Weight: 132g (4.7oz)
  • Short hikes, day trips and holidays
  • Running, triathlon and fun-runs
  • Keep it in your sports bag (tennis, basketball, netball, soccer)

½ metre (20in) Fixomull Stretch tape (5cm / 2in)
1 x Gel toe sleeve (narrow)
1 x Gel toe sleeve (wide)
1 x adhesive felt sheet (9cm x 11cm / 3.5in x 4.3in)
2 x sterile Scalpel blades (size 15)
2 x ENGO large ovals
2 x Povidone iodine (Betadine) swabs
2 x Gloves (medium)
2 x sterile Comfeel dressings (6cm x 4cm / 2.3in x 1.5in)
2 x sterile Cutiplast / Primapore dressings (7cm x 5cm / 2.7in x 2in)
2 x Skin Prep swabs
Instructions included

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