Fix My Foot Blisters FAST

This course helps you heal your blisters today & stop them coming back tomorrow (& forever) – even if you’re blister prone – even if you have problem feet – even if everything you've ever tried before hasn't worked ~ with Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod)

What’s included:

MODULE 1: Blister Mythbusting
MODULE 2: Blister Treatment – Everything You Need To Know About Selecting The Right Blister Dressings & Avoiding Infection
MODULE 3: Blister Prevention - The 15 Blister Locations & How To Prevent Them
MODULE 4: Blister Gear - The 14 Types Of Blister Care Products (Incl Discount Codes)
MODULE 5: Hot Tips - FAQs, Case Studies & Extra Support

Plus these bonuses:

BONUS #1: 10-Day Advanced Blister Training Series [Value: $675 - Yours FREE!]
BONUS #2: Premium Blister Gear Discounts [Value: $5 - $1,000 - Yours FREE!]
BONUS #3: Limited VIP Email Support From Me [Value: Priceless - Yours FREE!]

*This is not a monthly subscription. Just one single payment gets you lifetime access to all of this.

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