The Art and Science Of Blister Prevention

Fixomull Stretch Blister Tape 5cm x 10m

Fixomull Stretch Blister Tape 5cm x 10m


Blisterprevention.com.au offers Fixomull Stretch Blister Tape. It is used as a preventive taping and to secure dressings, plasters and paddings, such as donut pads.

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Fixomull Stretch tape by BSN Medical offers an extremely strong adhesion which is unaffected by moisture. Similar blister tapes simply do not provide the same degree of adhesion, or stretch. It is tolerated by sensitive skin types with a reduced risk of allergies.

Each roll of blister tape is 10 metres in length and 5cm wide


  • Extremely thin

  • Extremely flexible

  • Conforms well around curved areas

  • Reduces creases and folds when applying

  • Permeable to air and water vapour

  • Strong adhesion unaffected by water

  • Can be cut easily to any size and shape

  • Hypoallergenic blister tape


  • Preventive blister taping

  • Secure edges of dressings, plasters and paddings

  • Prevent chafing

Watch the videos for pre-taping application techniques for the heels, toes and ball of foot.