• Rebecca is a friend and podiatrist from Australia. I admire her work regarding blister formation and prevention. I follow her website and whatever she writes.

    John Vonhof
    Fixing Your Feet

  • This woman is the blister guru of the modern world! She has saved my feet many times over. Nearly everything I know about blister prevention I learnt from Rebecca...and everything else I thought I knew, I ran by her to check I was right.

    Tamyka from QLD

  • In 30 years of bushwalking in Tasmania I have never completed a walk of any distance without some kind of heel blister. On this trip I survived 6 days and 70 kilometres of walking carrying a 25 kilo pack without ANY blister of ANY kind.

    Marcus from Tasmania

  • For runners, you have nailed a number of key points that lead to frustration and I have only discovered all of this after years of trial and error.

    Dr Martin Fryer

  • Your online material worked wonders for me. Some of the walkers on the Camino with us had sought 'professional' help in preparation and found that the guidance and advice was lacking. One woman had spent about $400 on boots and suffered really badly. She had no idea about blisters and how they happen. In fact most of our group had no idea, they were just hoping it would not happen to them! All I can say is thank you!

    Luke from Canberra

  • I really wanted you to know that I’m not exaggerating when I say this has literally changed my life. For the first time in so long I can regularly walk again - the only soreness I get on walks now is the muscles in my legs. I’ve never been so happy to feel pain!

    Lisa from Perth

  • I stood, and could noticeably tell the difference immediately. I could walk! I decided to shuffle around for one lap to test it out. By the back straight I was unable to feel any discomfort in the area and had returned to a full run.

    Matt from Adelaide

  • Your customer service is excellent! You’ve kept me informed the whole way. If anything, you deserve praise for providing such excellent service that is so rare nowadays. Thank you ever so much for being such a pleasure to deal with!

    Marina from NSW

  • I’ve struggled with blisters while bushwalking in my heavy full grain leather boots for years - especially Tassie walking, as it means my feet are constantly wet from rain and mud for a week or more. I’d tried pretty much all fixes, but nothing worked properly except your patches - I did the Dusky Track in NZ recently, 8 days and very wet & muddy. Normally my feet would have been a bloody mess by the first day, but with patches I had no issues. Thanks again.

    Hugh from Hobart

  • Rebecca has completely changed my understanding of running blister causes.

    James Dunne
    Kinetic Revolution

  • I’m now getting enjoyment out of my running shoes - I no longer fear them! Thanks for your great product and excellent customer service.

    Garry from Queensland

  • I’m training for the Melbourne marathon and the Engos are essential piece of kit for me. I used them before when I lived in England and they saved me from giving up running. They are the best piece of kit I own as it doesn’t matter how much I spend on runners or socks I still end up with blisters and calluses but these little blue stickers save the day. 

    Lisa from Melbourne

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